Villanova University

Diagnosing the Nature and Magnitude of Faults within Dynamic Systems

Complex rotating machinery is an integral part of operations across multiple industries including healthcare, medical device, robotics, and traditional manufacturing. Turbomachinery, generators, engines, pumps, servo actuators, and electrical motors all depend on intricate inner mechanisms. Rotating machinery, such as turbomachinery, generators, motors, centrifuges, aircraft engines, pumps and fans, fail often because of bearing defects.  Engines, […]

Hierarchical Structures for Isothermal Compression / Expansion for Energy Storage

In industry, compressed air is so widely used that it is often regarded as the fourth utility after electricity, natural gas, and water.  Compressed air energy storage (CAES) typically uses power from renewable energy (i.e., wind, solar) to compress air, and to generate electricity through a turbine when needed, as a way of (i) mitigating […]

Diagnostic Tool for Analyzing Results of Flow-Mediated Dilation

Villanova University scientist, Qianhong Wu has developed a novel method to assess the results of a BAFMD test, including a system and device that evaluate the output and results of an FMD process. It produces a diagnostic tool that overcomes the previous issues of interpreting an FMD test. There is significant potential for the tool […]