Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q:
    Why do institutions outsource to L2C?

    L2C client institutions find we help them

    • Uncover un- or misidentified monetization opportunities
    • Increase institutional control of IP
    • Avoid capital expenditure; benefit from a shared resource — do more with less
    • Shift effort required for effective invention commercialization and marketing to experts
    • Directly address a key organization challenge: recruiting, retaining top researchers, faculty, students, staff
  • Q:
    What is the First Step? How do I know L2C can help us?

    L2C Partners, with your concurrence, evaluates the potential within your institution by conducting a comprehensive evaluation of your past and current IP, potential IP and internal capabilities.  Then we work with you to jointly determine the merits of working together.

  • Q:
    So what happens during the First Step?

    During our First Step, L2C

    • Maps your current tech transfer / commercialization process
    • Reviews your policies to determine threshold barriers to innovation and entrepreneurship
    • Scans existing intellectual property to determine IP history and current status
    • Evaluates potential within institution departments and specialty centers
    • Produces the summary report that allows us both to evaluate


    Will the Institution benefit from a relationship with L2C Partners?  Should your institution proceed with L2C Partners?

    • If we both find benefits from an on-going relationship, we move forward with a retainer agreement and OnBoarding.
  • Q:
    What do L2C services cost?

    L2C’s services cost less and provide more than if you did it yourself.

    L2C Partners - 1. What do L2C services cost?

  • Q:
    What does L2C do? What's included in L2C outsources services?

    L2C serves as your Tech Transfer department.  And just like an internal Tech Transfer department, we provide

    1. On-going invention and pre-invention inventory, evaluation, continuing commercialization and tech transfer efforts
    2. Regular information sessions with faculty, administration, researchers and students. Topics typically include technology capture training, recognizing potential inventions, maximizing opportunity for protection, modes of protection, valuing inventions and intangible property
    3. Technology combination opportunities to increase invention value and facilitate access for technology scouts
    4. A combined client Invention Library for technology sourcing by corporations, other buyers / investors, providing increased relevance and visibility in important markets by creating critical mass
  • Q:
    How do I get started?

    Email or give us a call. We can pose a few questions that will help us with a preliminary evaluation.  Then, if it makes sense to both you and the L2C team, we’ll visit your institution for further discussion.

  • Q:
    What's the L2C difference?

    L2C provides technology transfer and commercialization services from start to finish or provides support with those tasks that fall somewhere in between.

    L2C Partners Process