L2C Partners spent a full 12 months working with Beta clients and meeting with their innovators to refine and expand our tech transfer services, to develop a library of targeted educational material and to expand our approach to commercialization. Here is what our clients have to say about working with L2C:

L2C brings a much valued expertise to our organization that we would not otherwise have. The result is a new consideration of the potential IP in what we do and recognition of its potential value.

The sense of excitement in our research enterprise is palpable.
Senior Counsel for a large health system
L2C Partners stimulates innovative thinking and supports our faculty as they market and commercialize their inventions. The partnership with L2C creates excitement and allows our faculty to spur new research collaborations with nearby academic institutions and industry partners. Associate Provost for Research and Graduate Education, a University in the mid-Atlantic, science orientation, 2800+ undergraduate, graduate students