Laboratory Testing, Assays, & Reagents

Assays to measure cell growth and survival assays used in the laboratory have many widely known practical and technical limitations, including non-linearity, high background and cumbersome protocols. In particular, commonly used assays using tetrazolium salts to generate a colored product lack sensitivity and accuracy due to reliance on mitochondrial bioreduction and other factors. The market […]

When it comes to administration of recombinant human growth hormone (r-hGh), short half-life, instability in gastrointestinal tract, and low circulation time requiring frequent parenteral administration can lead to patient noncompliance. Researchers are investigating several polymer nanoparticle and micro particle based long acting delivery systems. However, comprehension of structural stability and polymer grade is fundamental for […]

This invention can be a useful synthetic tool for any company / laboratory that is pursuing the synthesis of benzoxaborole-containing targets. Reagents can be commercialized through a chemical supply company making them available for purchase by academic labs and / or companies. This invention currently is in laboratory use. Opportunity The Tomsho Lab has synthesized […]