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Synthetic routes to phenethylamines, reducing pharma manufacturing cost

Unmet Need 

Syntheses of phenethylamines in a rapid and efficient manner.  Dr. Adejare’s demonstrated technology can save time, reagents, and number of steps in syntheses of arylalkylamines.  The pharmaceutically relevant chemical classes include: phenylethylamines, alpha-alkylphenylethylamines, tryptamines, and arylcyclohexylamines.


Many fine chemicals, pharmaceutical products, and / or their intermediates can be synthesized using this technology.  Numerous of these drugs have sales of over $1 Billion (US) annually.  Syntheses of these chemicals in a cost-efficient manner could save the manufacturer 25% or more and thereby increase product margins.

Unique Attributes 

This technology allows syntheses of alkylamines in a rapid and efficient manner; it saves time, reagents, and the number of steps.  The conditions are also safer and milder.

It can therefore reduce cost of production of relevant pharmaceutical intermediates and pharmaceuticals.

Use Cases

Specific compounds include selegiline, dopamine, and amphetamine.  These compounds are utilized for treatment of various disorders, including Parkinson’s disease and depression (selegiline), shock due to trauma (dopamine), and ADHD, narcolepsy and obesity