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Fabrication of Gold Nanoparticles Using Cultured Plant Cells

A growing worldwide demand for gold nanoparticles in the glass technology, pharmaceuticals, photometry, and electronics industries, is driving the need for a sustainable, eco-friendly, and commercially practical method for fabricating gold nanoparticles exponentially.

The investigators have developed a novel method to manufacture gold nanoparticles by using suspended plant cells in culture. In addition, they have developed techniques to alter the physical properties (size, shape, etc.) of the resulting AuNPs by altering the culture media and growing conditions of the plant cells. Finally, they have developed methods to use the resulting AuNPs for therapeutic treatments.

The invention uses plant cell suspension cultures of the plant species Medicago Sativa combined with gold salts (KAuCl4) to induce fabrication of gold nanoparticles. This process eliminates the need for live plants or extracts as it utilizes lab-grown M. Sativa cell cultures. Furthermore, Dr. Sahi’s method allows for the control and specification of shape and size of gold nanoparticles, making the process suitable for commercial production.

Dr. Sahi’s research has demonstrated a repeatable and predictable relationship between the concentrations of gold salt introduced into the cell culture suspension and the shape and size of gold nanoparticles induced. The team also has developed a method for extracting the pure nanoparticles from the M. Sativa cell culture suspension.