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LICENSED: RBM39 / CAPER Peptides for the Treatment of Cancer

The University of the Sciences research team has uncovered CAPER as a novel therapeutic target inside breast cancer cells. CAPER has been shown to be overexpressed in these cancer cells and seems to be helping the cancer thrive and survive.  Targeted cancer therapy is becoming a leading approach to cancer treatment and Dr. Jasmin and his team believe the CAPER-derived peptides they have developed may pave the way for a targeted treatment to help reduce the use of or replace toxic chemotherapy. Alternately, it may serve as a treatment option for those who are or become resistant to current therapy options.  These innovative peptides could serve as a targeted approach to treat both ER-positive and triple negative breast cancers.

Initially this invention has potential as a therapeutic agent for both triple negative and estrogen receptor positive breast cancers. However, as CAPER have been implicated in other types of cancer, it may work as a therapeutic in many other cancers, including brain and lung cancers. With development, the invention could result in a drug beneficial to people who become resistant to common drugs such as tamoxifen.

Additionally, these peptides could be encapsulated in nanoparticles or liposomes to allow for better ADME properties.