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LICENSED: Rogers Limb Support Device for Injury Treatment

The use of supports for limbs during medical procedures and recovery is common. A wide variety of limb support devices are available on the market, however, none are ideal. Some are bulky and not easily maneuverable. Others are permanently fixed to hospital beds. Other types of limb supports are intricate and expensive, and some can only be used for either arms or legs, but not both.

There is a demonstrated need for a limb-supporting device that is simple to operate, mobile, adjustable, suitable for compact environments and affordable. The Rogers Limb Support fills this need.

It is height- and position-adjustable allowing for any limb to be supported in a wide range of positions. The support’s mobile base slides underneath a bed, making the device ideal for compact spaces such as patient rooms. The support features a comfortable cradle that can be adjusted for use on any limb. Additionally, the Rogers Limb Support has a simple design and construction and is easily operated by a single individual, thus reducing healthcare personnel requirements and reducing the resulting expense when two caregivers would otherwise be required to attend to a patient.