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Novel OTC Treatments that Stimulate Immunity to Clear Drug-Resistant Topical Skin and Nail Infections

Lankenau Institute for Medical Research scientists have developed a radically new approach to eradicate topical infections by weakening the local ecology of the infection that supports it. Specifically, they have developed topical over-the-counter (OTC) formulations of safe and effective agents that are capable of clearing recalcitrant topical infections such as onychomycosis, Staph, or plantar wart. Their new approach treats the infection ecology, which includes not only the causative microbe itself but also (1) a local supportive microbiome for the pathogenic microbe, and (2) a local supportive tissue microenvironment for this pathogenic ecology. In particular, the immune microenvironment subverted by this ecology enables the pathogenic microbe to dig in. This ecology is what the LIMR anti-infective strategy targets. Their approach is conceptually similar to successes achieved in other medical disciplines, e.g., oncology, where restoration of a local immune response by itself can be sufficient to eradicate the pathogenic state.