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LICENSED: Gray Shared Chart EMR System

Electronic Medical Record systems (EMRs) have become virtually ubiquitous in the medical field and are widely used at hospitals around the world.  Current EMRs provide robust medical records organized and arranged on an individual, per-patient basis.   However, there are certain circumstances when the care of two patients is interrelated, such as during breastfeeding and other aspects of afterbirth care.  In these situations, current EMR software is inadequate, as patient information cannot be shared across charts.  Rather, data must be entered or viewed individually on a patient-by-patient basis.  Many times, duplicative information must be entered from both the perspective of the mother (on the mother’s EMR chart), and the perspective of the child (on the child’s EMR chart). Not only does this create more opportunities for human error during data entry, but quality of care is also affected as information in the mother’s medical records may be critical to the care of the child.

There is a demonstrated need for EMR workflow software that allows relevant data from multiple patients to be shared in a single chart or graphic user interface.